Woodstock Profile

Woodstock, Vermont is a blend of historic New England architecture and intimate natural surroundings that is a sought after destination for visitors and residents alike. It is truly a community where individuals want to live, work and play.

Tourism related enterprises such as lodging, hospitality, recreation, restaurants and retail gift stores make up the largest portion of the local economy. At the same time, there is a strong group of independent professionals in small companies of 20 or fewer employees who have chosen to establish their businesses in the area because of the quality of life and the rich cultural opportunities nearby.

Woodstock moves at a little slower pace than the hubbub of the city, but it is still connected to the world and has a cosmopolitan feel.

The goal of the Economic Development Commission is to strengthen the tourism industry while developing a broader base of employment that will establish Woodstock as a thriving, sustainable community that advances development on a balance of economic, environmental and social concerns.

There are great things happening in Woodstock!