Parking is metered Monday through Saturday in the village to provide adequate parking for our visitors. Meters take quarters, dimes and nickels and can be fed throughout the day for two-hour and four-hour spaces. Meters are monitored between 10:00am and 4:00pm, Monday- Saturday. Free parking on Sundays and most holidays. Free parking is offered on the North side of the Green, on Elm Street and off Pleasant Street. Or go to the West side of town beyond the Town Hall and on weekends in the Elementary School parking area.

Parking Ticket Validation

If you receive a parking ticket for an expired meter with a special sticker affixed to it you may potentially have your ticket validated by a local business, thereby rendering the ticket fulfilled. Participating downtown business owners and their employees are authorized by the Board of Village Trustees to validate parking tickets that were issued for a violation of meter regulations by parking at an expired parking meter. Downtown business owners and their employees who validate the ticket must identify his/her business with a stamp or business card. To learn more, click here.