Wireless Woodstock is a non-profit community service designed to give free, safe and measurable wireless internet access to the town of Woodstock, Vermont.

By providing a free, open-access internet connection with significant coverage, the invisible signal drives business and economic development while changing the perception of Woodstock to many visitors.

The wi-fi homepage offers ideal information to visitors – whether they seek a quick understanding of where to stay, eat or entertain themselves in town – while also suggesting that Woodstock has the infrastructure, capacity and enthusiasm should visitors consider moving their business and/or home.

The solution improves the perception and visibility of the town by visitors and locals alike. Technology has finally advanced where the prospect of free wifi has become a reality – it is easy to implement and cost-effective to maintain.  And a simple advertising model covers the ongoing maintenance and access costs.

The network itself is owned by the Norman Williams Public Library, a local non-profit, whereby users will quickly understand that the service is a community service and not a utility.  The “mesh” network system is scalable (can plug into any broadband connection), extendable (repeaters can expand the geographic area of coverage), sustainable (through advertising support on the homepage website), monitorable and measurable (through best-of-breed, open-source cloud computing software).

The result is a win-win-win: locals get free internet access (saving money for many local retail and hospitality outlets); the town gets an injection of personality, commercial enthusiasm and economic attention while keeping its physical historic beauty unmarked; and visitors receive valuable internet access alongside up-to-the-minute information on the village including upcoming events, vacancies at inns, lunch specials at restaurants and recent real estate prices.

Download a PDF of a onesheet here. Or download a PDF of the latest presentation here.

For more information, please contact our team members by emailing [email protected].

Wireless Woodstock was conceived and produced by the nice folk over at Haystack Digital and is owned by the Norman Williams Public Library.