WiWo Phase Two Fundraising Campaign

November 10, 2010

WiWo Phase Two Fundraising Campaign

Dear Family, Friends, Fans and Visitors of Woodstock,

Wireless Woodstock is one of the most innovative and valuable social, cultural and economic development programs in Vermont – and one of the first community supported free wireless internet access (“WiFi”) services in the US. We are asking for your support.

The Norman Williams Library successfully launched phase one of Wireless Woodstock four months ago. In this initial phase, we have provided free wireless internet to most of The Green and the central business district by installing four access points.

Along with providing high-speed broadband internet access, Wireless Woodstock differentiates our community as a place that understands the need for connectivity. Wireless Woodstock can help drive our economic development and create a “buzz” that the Woodstock area is not only a great place to visit but also a great place to live, raise a family and establish a business.

Phase two will expand the service by adding additional access points, creating free wireless internet access for most of the Village, as well as a resourceful website that acts as a virtual “town crier,” offering valuable information daily to locals and visitors alike.

The one-time cost to build out free wireless internet service to most of Woodstock Village is $35,000, an investment that will reap returns for years to come. The ongoing maintenance cost is minimal and will be paid for by paid sponsorship recognition on the Wireless Woodstock website.

The Wireless Woodstock oversight committee is asking local individuals and businesses for financial support to complete Woodstock’s community WiFi service.

All donations are tax deductible through the Library. We welcome such donations now through December 31, 2010, after which we will seek any remaining funds needed through foundation and corporate support. Sponsorship of Woodstock’s free village-wide WiFi service will be attractive to a large regional or national company, but we prefer the sponsors be local individuals and businesses. We will acknowledge our family of donors on the website.

Please contact any of us or drop by the Norman Williams Public Library to pledge your support. You may email us collectively at [email protected].

We are grateful for your consideration and look forward to your support.

With sincere regards,

Townsend Belisle 457-7140
Phil Camp 457-1313
Keri Cole 457-7159
Beth Finlayson 457-3555
Courtney Lowe 457-1100
Larry Perry 457-3291
Michael Ricci 457-2528
Corwin Sharp 457-1883
Debra Spackman 457-2295
Sudie Watson 457-2525